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Eagles Nest #1 Park Land 

When a development was platted in 1928, in addition to very small lots envisioning a Town Site, land was also set aside on the shore dedicated “to the public…for park and recreational purposes”. Over the years, that townsite did not develop and instead, many small lots have been grouped together to form larger plats of land, housing more rural summer home or
permanent home sites.


At some time in the past, owners of the land adjacent to that set aside for such park and recreational purposes began to use the public space as their own property with docks and lifts, lawns, furniture, and out buildings, in place, despite them not owning the property.

A Park Land Committee, comprised of current and former Township Supervisors and township residents has studied this issue over several years and made a formal report to the Board of Supervisors on July 19 th and the Board asked that it be posted on the website for comments by Township residents, along with one dissenting opinion by a member of the current committee.  Current Supervisors Kurt Soderberg, Frank Sherman, and former Supervisor Andy Urban, along
with Caroline Owens form the majority opinion.


Resident Mike Musich offers a competing viewpoint.

Below are the Report and Dissent - click to open PDF

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