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About Black Bears and Wildlife

Eagles Nest is aptly named in that we almost always have an eagle family in residence.  Those of us who live and play in Eagles Nest Township are blessed to be in the wild and to have many opportunities to observe and interact with wildlife such as deer, bears, wolves, foxes, otters, pine marten, fishers, mink, weasels and squirrels. In our wild location, some of our interactions may occur near our homes and roads.   


This section provides two sources of information regarding our interactions with wildlife.  They provide information on how we can live and co-exist with wildlife, advice and precautions on human behavior such as feeding bear, deer and birds, and the potential interactions with our wild neighbors.



  1. Information on how we can live with wildlife. 
    This document is the result of a task force in 2007 when interactions with bears had become problematic for some residents of the Township.  


  2. Advice, precautions and information about our interactions with wildlife.
    The Bear Team,  
    a more recent group, has significant experience with bears and their behaviors.  They are available to everyone in the area to provide information on bears and how to deal with interactions and problems that may arise. 


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