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December 17, 2013


Supervisor Floyd called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited


Present:  Sup Rich Floyd, Sup Skip Carlson, Sup DeAnn Schatz, Sup Carolyn Quick, Clerk Deb Siverhus, Treasurer Jim Sutherland, Fire Chief Harlan Lundstrom


“Unless otherwise stated, all motions carried unanimously”


Agenda Approval Sup Anderson moved seconded by Sup Schatz to approve the agenda for the December 17, 2013 meeting. Motion carried.


Sup Quick moved and Sup Anderson seconded to approve the minutes from the November 5, 2013 regular BOS meeting.  Motion Carried...


Communications List

Sup. Schatz moved seconded by Sup Carlson to approve the Communications List of December 17, 2013.   Motion carried.


Citizens Concerns:  Chuck Renner inquired about who in the township is the Township Representative for the meetings of the Hwy #169 South Route task force.



Clerk; Clerk Siverhus reported that the Spring Short Course is April 4th, 2014  at the Black Bear Casino, in Carlton, those who would like to attend please notify Deb in Early March.

Also the mail box out side of the town hall has become an issue with the St.Louis County plow. We need to contact the Tower Maintenance garage and let them know. Also, as well as contact the postal service to see if we can relocate its' position away from the path of the plow.  maybe turn the box and get it off the road. somewhat.

Fire:    Chief Lundstrom reported that there have been 31 calls for the year to this point. See attached report.

Building and Grounds: Sup Anderson reported that the pile of excess gravel has been spread  on the area near the Heliport.  The Handicap door is not working at his time.  Will be addressed in the later spring.

All were reminded that, when using a private contractor, be sure they are insured.

             Roads:    Chairman Floyd reported that Snow plowing has begun

             Website:   Sup Quick reported there are some concerns regarding the updating and cost of the website. Supervisor Quick gave a quick estimate as to what it takes to build a website. And what to expect as far as fees are concerned.


Treasurer’s Report:  Presented:  Investment Activity, Current Investments, Payroll and Claims and Claims List for Approval. Motion was made by Sup Schatz and seconded by Sup Anderson to accept the treasures report as read.. Motion carried. 


Old Business: 

  1. Bradach Road Acceptance; An extended discussion was had on this subject.

      A motion was made by Sup. Carlson and seconded by Sup. Quick, with receipt of       documents, showing full property easements.  Bradach Road Association has     shown their due diligence and the Township will accept the Bradach Road as a         Township Road.  Thus will begin snow plowing immediately and the township will           provide the Class 5 as previously discussed. Vote was 3-2 Aye. Sup Anderson, Carlson and Quick, Nay Sup Floyd and Sup Schatz, Motion Passed.


Citizen’s Concerns; addendum

                        Upon completion of this vote Town resident Kathleen Anderson  voiced her                                 concern about name calling,  bullying and generally disrespectful conduct by                              town residents toward the E.N.T. B.O.S. members. Ms. Anderson expresses                                  concern, that we do not have to witness such a scene, again.

                        Ms Anderson also expressed concern that the supervisors monitor the project so                                     that all is done to insure that the taxpayers money is well and properly spent. It is                        important to document every aspect of this project. “Adult bullying is uncalled for,                                    and very disturbing to all!                          


  1. Road Task force discussion: Tabled for this meeting: a resolution will be discussed at up coming meetings.


New Business:  

                 1.  EPIC Energy Planning Information Committee no local noted interest at this time

                 2.  Website Concerns; motion was made by Chairman Floyd seconded by Sup                                   Anderson to change web master from Rick Pearson, of Eagle One Productions to                       Carolyn Quick as our Webmaster, effective January 1, 2014. Motion passed:                                Votes were 4 in favor Sup Quick Abstained.

                3.  ATV Trails; Sup Carlson reported he would like to be the representative to the                              Trail Prosecutors Alliance.


Study Items:  Ambulance; Nothing to report at this time.

Emergency Preparedness; See attached Report Supervisor Anderson stressed the need for development of a Township Emergency Plan; as highly suggested by the northeast Emergency Preparedness Group!



Supervisors Concerns; none at this time. 


Claims and payroll:

Claims and payroll were reviewed.

Claims of $11,807.26 Claim #2799-2815  Checks #’s 7370-7386

Payroll of       $8300.66       Checks #’s: 7344-7369

Sup Schatz moved, seconded by Sup Quick to approve payroll and claims as presented and to transfer $20,107.92 from the Frandsen Bank and Trust savings account to the Frandsen Bank and Trust checking account to cover bills and payroll. Motion carried.



Sup Anderson moved, seconded by Sup
Quick to adjourn. Motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 9:45PM


Respectfully submitted,


Deb Siverhaus, Clerk

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